Success Stories

Gwilym Cox | |

The products that 97 offer have revolutionised my website business. They’ve made me think differently about what we offer and in the digital arena as a whole.

As a result, I have been able to, not just offer my customers fantastic web products that look the part, but easily create websites to allow my pricing to become very competitive.

This has allowed my company to disrupt the market and really grow. My customers keep referring us to their customers and other contacts and the demand for our websites have gone though the roof. Thank you 97.

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Holly Small |

The design2website platform has given my business the tools I needed to be able to increase my revenue and deliver websites without ever learning code.

I used to pass my PSD designs onto a web developer. However, I was never able to make much margin as I was being charged £1000 to get it developed and £60 per month hosting. Now I get to keep all the setup and pay a tenth in the hosting allowing me to make my own passive income!


Isobel Brown |

Since moving from building websites on Wix to design2website, I have been inundated with orders. The standard of my web builds have gone up, and I can now actually make a margin on the monthlies as explained by the guys at 97!

It’s great to know if I get stuck I can just book a screen share or ring the support team and they always teach me how to fix the issue I am having!


George Foster |

John Tromans |

I checked my calendar and saw that it was precisely 3 weeks since I came on the course. When I look at the complexity of the Independent Financial Advisor's website I have just completed, I was pretty pleased with myself.


Tonia Vassell |

Craig Pearce |

Gavin Grieves |

Mike Armstrong |

Julia Britten |

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